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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:31 am 
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What it is

Oust is a bukkit plugin, dependant on Towny, LWC, WorldEdit and Essentials.

The idea of Oust is to remove the huge amount of work admins/smods have to do to clean up plots in a old town. And also to speed up the removal of those items from towns so they wont have so called dead plots.

How it works

Oust has three primary usages:

First the mayors of towns can click on protected chests and machinery (with /oust fist) to send all the items from that previous plot owner from the town to the storage area.

Secondly server admins can click on protected chests in the wild that may be owned by players who havent logged in for a long time, to make room for growing towns or inter-nation builds, sending all of that players belongings to the storage.

Thirdly the player himself can reclaim items he left behind when he quit a town or was kicked from it.

When items are sent to the storage, a notification mail is sent thru Essentials to the player telling the player where to find his re-placed belongings. Mails can be read in-game by using the command /mail.

The storage

is a pre-defined area (/oust setregion) wherein all chests (ids defined in the config) that have a sign above them are treated as possible storage containers.

The chests are filled up with incoming player items in the direction set (/oust setdirection) using a 2x3x4 area. Filling starts from the corner in which direction the first WE position (left click) is and is continued in the direction set with the second WE position (right click) by going first in the direction that is longer than the others (that's why the uneven 2x3x4 region). So it first goes from pos1 by the side of length 4. If that is filled (region border is hit), it will do that again by increasing its position in the direction of 3. If the whole layer is filled, it will increase its position towards 2.

After a players items are recieved, the filled chests signs are set to the players name and time the items were received. Also the LWC protection in the chest is updated to allow the named player access the content of it.

In addition to hosting all the containers, the storage has one final feature which is the status sign (/oust setstatus). Every now and then (set to 60min atm) the whole storage area is scanned if the chests still contain items, if not the signs are reset and the cursor (where the next first ousted player items will go) is set to the first free chest. Also a the status sign is updated with the current fill rate of the storage (how many are full of how many chests) and the next update time.

The filter

The latest feature to arrive in oust is the filter which removes unwanted items between the moving. At the moment most of the single stack items like buckets and signs are removed. In addition to the item filter there is a emc check on the items to determine if the items are valuable enough to keep. At the moment of writting this, the limit has been set to 2048 per 10 protections that are removed.

So lets say if you own a chest with 10 cobble in it, it makes a total of 64+10emc which is too little for us to keep. Mod items, that don't have emc assigned to them (like rp and ic machines) bypass this check and get always stored.

The cleanup

When player stuff lands in the storage, the date is set on the sign when it happened. When the chest has been over 60 days in the storage, it will be disintegrated in the incinerator, the very same where the companion cube went. Also a mail will be sent to the past owner of the items.


For all (except players)

/oust fist - Makes your fist a superfist, executing oust commands on punching. Only the player name and town location is taken from the punched block. The order of things is as follows:

1. If the player is not registered in towny

a. if you are a server admin, /oust server <player> is executed

b. if you are a map admin, /oust map <thismap> <player> is executed

2. If the above was not run and the punched block is in a town

a. If you are a admin or the mayor, /oust town is executed

If the above didn't execute any oust command then a error message is displayed.

So in simple terms, if you're a mayor, just punch blocks on your town grounds and they all end up in the storage if the LWC owner is not part of the town anymore.

If you're a server admin, punch all you want, if the player has been offline for too long, all his stuff will be moved from the server. If not and your in the wild, nothing happens. If your in a towns ground, only players stuff in the town, who are not part of it, will be moved. If the player is still part of the town, again, nothing happens.

For players

/oust self <town name> - Checks the named town premises for blocks that are under LWC with you as the owner. You cannot be a resident of the town while running this command. Then it takes all the blocks, removes them (with content) and sends all the items into the storage.

For mayors

/oust town <player name> - Checks your town premises for the names players LWC blocks and then sends all the blocks with content to the storage. The named player cannot be a resident of the town.

For map handlers

/oust map <map name> <player name> - Sends the named player LWC blocks from the named map, with content, to the storage.

/oust <map name> - still planned

For server admin

/oust town <town name> <player name> - Sends the named player LWC blocks from the named town premises to the storage (same as being the mayor of that town).

/oust server <player name> - Sends all of the named players LWC blocks to the storage.

/oust reload - Restarts the plugin (reloading config).

/oust update - Updates the storage area.

/oust selectregion - Selects the storage area in WorldEdit coordinates (best used with WE CUI).

/oust setregion - Sets the storage area from WE coordinates.

/oust selectdirection - Selects the directional info in WE coordinates.

/oust sertdirection - Sets the directional info from WE.

/oust selectstatus - Selects the position of the info sign.

/oust setstatus - Sets the position of the info sign.

/oust lwclist - lists the lwc protections in the given WE region. Very important tool for finding past lost protections that are tearing Frame machines apart.

/oust log <playername>[ <filter>] - Searches the oust log for the specified player rows with the possible filter. Good for finding chests or removed blocks (/oust log alphaest assigned - for finding my chests in the storage area).

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